Contributing towards the reduction of cancer burden in Uganda.

Cancer Support Foundation

Who We Are

Cancer support Foundation formerly Cancer prevention & control in Uganda (CPCU) was formed and registered an NGO with The Uganda NGO Board in 2011  by we concerned Ugandan citizens affected by cancer disease to carry its activities in the area of cancer awareness, screening, advocacy and support of cancer patients, families affected in collaboration with government, Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) and other Institutions.

There is low cancer awareness, exposure to infection, changes in lifestyle, limited and centralized services, diagnostic issues, myths and misconception, stigma etc causing the burden on the population.

Cancer devastates an individual or family’s financial well being. The cost of medical treatment, transport, food, accommodation can be overwhelming. The financial challenges put pressure on the entire family, and the strain can compound the physical and mental stress for the patient fighting cancer.

The most affected patients are rural poor cancer patients who come very far away from Kampala. Accommodation is the major barrier to treatment at The Uganda Cancer Institute UCI, for the clinic is overwhelmed with cancer patients. A number of patients who are not admitted continue to receive treatment at UCI. Traveling back and forth in between treatments is too expensive for most patients who come from far and can’t afford it. The financial costs of accessing cancer care can be of critical importance, as well as being disruptive to family life.

Cancer affected families may have been obliged to sell land and other assets to buy medicines for the sick or dying adult children, leaving themselves with a few resources to meet their own basic needs and those of their grandchildren. For children, the loss of their parents means the loss of their economic support making it difficult to clothe and study.

Cancer Support Foundation is working; To create awareness on cancer, provide accommodation for at least two hundred patients with their caretakers,  provide meals for the patients and their caretakers while on treatment in kampala, transport patients to and from the Hostel to the Cancer treatment center, support patients with special medical investigations, patients facilitation fund and support Orphans especially those who have lost their parents to cancer in their Education.

Help make it happen  with your generous donation that will make a difference.

Why us?

What we do

To promote, establish sports and physiotherapy facilities, this would prevent cancer and other diseases

What we do

To participate in National and international conferences, workshops on cancer prevention and network with other cancer organizations.

What we do

To train groups in the Districts, counties, sub counties who would train/explain to the community cancer risk factors, early signs & prevention.