Vision. Mission. Goals. Objectives.

Cancer Support Foundation formerly Cancer prevention & control in Uganda (CPCU) was formed and registered an NGO  by we concerned Ugandan citizens affected by cancer disease to carry its activities in the area of cancer awareness, screening, advocacy and support of cancer victims.

There is low cancer awareness, exposure to infection, changes in life style, limited and centralized services, diagnostic issues, myths and misconception, stigma etc causing burden to population.

Cancer devastate an individual or family’s financial wellbeing. The cost of medical treatment, transport, food can be overwhelming. The financial challenges put pressure on the entire family, and the strain can compound the physical and mental stress for the patient fighting cancer.

Cancer is an emotional, as well as a physical experience. In addition to the fear and anxiety that accompanies a diagnosis, for many, the recurrence leads to worry and sleepless nights. There is a need for emotional phsycosocisl support throughout different phases of life with cancer, including life after cancer. Many survivors express the need for support from social workers or patient advocates, often for the entire family. The care givers often need support themselves.

Many cancer patients also have significant medical and clinical concerns. These include access to quality care, lack of reliable information and the side effects of cancer and treatment.


To reduce cancer burden in Uganda.


To reduce cancer burden through supporting people living with cancer and their families, advocacy, cancer awareness and prevention interventions targeting the under-served populations in Uganda.


Contributing towards the reduction of cancer burden in Uganda.


To carry its activities in the area of cancer awareness, advocacy and support of people living cancer in collaboration with government and other civil society organizations (CSOs).