Specific Objectives/Activities

  • Train groups in the Districts, counties, sub counties who would train/explain to the community cancer risk factors, early signs & prevention.
  • Sensitize the community in the Districts, counties, sub counties, churches, Mosques, Zones secondary schools, institutions of higher learning on cancer, distribute Information Education Communication (IEC) material interpreted into different languages, distribute Brochures, provide programs on Television and radios, articles in newspapers, and disseminate information through sms text messages, IVR on cancer possible risk factors, early signs & prevention mechanisms to the community.
  • Screen the community of cancer diseases through community outreach programs.
  • Advocate for policy on cancer, clear strategic direction on fight against cancer, decentralization and free treatment of cancer patients.
  • Support cancer patients with treatment and medical investigation packages.
  • Support cancer orphans in education.
  • Provide psycho social support to cancer patients with their families.
  • To establish District cancer relief network in the various Districts.
  • To mobilize, provide Business skills training to cancer patients and families affected, initiate income generating activities to enable them sustain themselves fight disease and poverty.
  • To promote, establish sports and physiotherapy facilities, this would prevent cancer and other diseases.
  • To participate in National and international conferences, workshops on cancer prevention and network with other cancer organizations.
  • To establish / Build a Hostel which would accommodate rural patients who may not be able to travel to and fro in between treatments to main cancer treatment center in Kampala.


To reduce cancer burden in Uganda.


To reduce cancer burden through supporting people living with cancer and their families, advocacy, cancer awareness and prevention interventions targeting the under-served populations in Uganda.


Contributing towards the reduction of cancer burden in Uganda.


To carry its activities in the area of cancer awareness, advocacy and support of people living cancer in collaboration with government and other civil society organizations (CSOs).